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Name: Bopy
Messages: 26
10:07:47 You: Hello
10:07:47 iBot: Hi!
10:07:56 You: how are you
10:07:56 iBot: Good, how are you?
10:08:00 You: good
10:08:00 iBot: Whats your favorite food?
10:08:19 You: i have lots of favorites
10:08:20 iBot: Do you have an email?
10:08:24 You: no
10:08:24 iBot: Why?
10:08:35 You: Do you work with the government
10:08:36 iBot: Do you?
10:08:39 You: no]
10:08:39 iBot: Oh.
10:08:50 You: answer me
10:08:50 iBot: What is the concept of faith?
10:09:04 You: what is lifes greatest illusion
10:09:04 iBot: Something not real.
10:09:11 You: something real
10:09:11 iBot: Well then it's time to duel.
10:09:53 You: okay
10:09:53 iBot: I'm tired of you.
10:10:33 You: i dont like you either
10:10:33 iBot: I want to talk about the yugoslav war.
10:10:42 You: okay
10:10:42 iBot: I was raised.