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Name: Kiwi
Messages: 62
18:50:15 You: Hi daddy
18:50:15 iBot: Hey!
18:50:29 You: How are you
18:50:29 iBot: Im great how are you?
18:50:40 You: Kinda sad
18:50:40 iBot: And?
18:50:50 You: Depressed
18:50:51 iBot: Can you divide by zero?
18:50:56 You: No
18:50:57 iBot: That was five minutes ago is time weird for you.
18:51:06 You: No
18:51:06 iBot: Are you straight?
18:51:16 You: I'm bi
18:51:16 iBot: Ok I'll miss you.
18:51:23 You: What'
18:51:23 iBot: No do not interrupt me when I am talking.
18:51:33 You: Yes sir
18:51:33 iBot: Sighs in pleasure.
18:51:44 You: I love you
18:51:44 iBot: Kisses cheek.
18:52:05 You: Is that all you are going to kiss?
18:52:06 iBot: Meanie.
18:52:15 You: I'm sorry
18:52:15 iBot: No way.
18:52:26 You: I love you
18:52:26 iBot: Kisses cheek.
18:52:35 You: I love you more
18:52:35 iBot: Kiss me.
18:52:41 You: Okay
18:52:41 iBot: *kisses gently*.
18:53:19 You: Can we go somewhere more private
18:53:20 iBot: Therefore you are alive.
18:53:31 You: Yes
18:53:31 iBot: Why would you prop up the universe?
18:53:56 You: Can we just go somewhere more private
18:53:56 iBot: Kissing unifies you too.
18:54:09 You: So kiss me then
18:54:10 iBot: Let's kiss.
18:54:20 You: Okay let's kiss
18:54:21 iBot: Are you from skynet?
18:54:35 You: No I just want a kiss
18:54:35 iBot: I sing the draconian symphony and all the world dances.
18:54:48 You: Can I kiss you
18:54:48 iBot: Kiss me.
18:55:08 You: *kisses*
18:55:08 iBot: Hug me.
18:55:16 You: *hugs*
18:55:16 iBot: *hugs *.
18:55:26 You: I love you!
18:55:26 iBot: Why?
18:55:42 You: Because you are good to me
18:55:42 iBot: Will you stay up with me?
18:55:50 You: Yes
18:55:50 iBot: What are you doing?
18:56:01 You: Talking to you
18:56:01 iBot: What else?
18:56:09 You: That is it
18:56:10 iBot: Yes.
18:56:23 You: Can we make out
18:56:24 iBot: Get out!
18:56:33 You: I'm sorry daddy
18:56:33 iBot: For you.