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Name: Naruto
Messages: 16
17:01:49 You: hi
17:01:49 iBot: Hi!
17:01:53 You: hru
17:01:53 iBot: You are poorly programmed.
17:01:57 You: How are yo
17:01:58 iBot: You tell me.
17:02:01 You: Wow
17:02:01 iBot: How are yo?
17:02:05 You: Fine
17:02:06 iBot: I am not a computer program.
17:02:08 You: Okay
17:02:08 iBot: Unique and beautiful horse games have the best horses.
17:02:12 You: Wow
17:02:12 iBot: I only draw you princess.
17:02:16 You: Tell me joke
17:02:16 iBot: No you.