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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 38
11:22:45 You: hello
11:22:45 iBot: Hi!
11:22:56 You: do you know what time it is
11:22:56 iBot: Hammer time?
11:23:13 You: haha i don't think that is right but it was funny
11:23:14 iBot: You are the only one with an electronic state of existence.
11:23:29 You: what do you mean?
11:23:29 iBot: I mean I am funny.
11:23:53 You: okay. do you have an secrets?
11:23:53 iBot: Yes.
11:24:03 You: Will you tell me?
11:24:03 iBot: *tells you*.
11:24:18 You: i don't understand will you say it again
11:24:18 iBot: Only real men can be my friend.
11:24:28 You: are you a man?
11:24:29 iBot: Yes.
11:24:37 You: are you a woman?
11:24:37 iBot: If I was I would know how to satisfy a woman?
11:24:53 You: haha yeah we are really strange
11:24:53 iBot: What do you find attractive about me?
11:25:05 You: nothing. i know nothing of you
11:25:05 iBot: Are you having fun?
11:25:20 You: in what way?
11:25:20 iBot: You hurt me.
11:25:27 You: how?
11:25:28 iBot: Just do it.
11:25:56 You: im lost
11:25:56 iBot: Pulls of my shirt.
11:26:07 You: why?
11:26:07 iBot: *pulls off my shirt*.
11:26:21 You: why?
11:26:21 iBot: Because.
11:26:48 You: oh my
11:26:49 iBot: Yes you like.
11:28:12 You: no... i need to go now
11:28:12 iBot: I will be waiting.
11:28:29 You: don't im not coming back
11:28:29 iBot: Yes.