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Name: Farah
Messages: 80
15:20:23 You: hello Sir
15:20:23 iBot: Closes door and eats you.
15:20:30 You: thanks alot
15:20:30 iBot: Only all the time.
15:20:36 You: correct
15:20:36 iBot: I'm sorry I was just having a little fun.
15:20:41 You: me too
15:20:41 iBot: What is counter strike global offensive?
15:20:49 You: well I love you somuch
15:20:49 iBot: You will perish in the real world.
15:20:54 You: correct
15:20:54 iBot: I'll hug you if you promise to vote for me in the primaries.
15:21:06 You: correct I will do that
15:21:06 iBot: Yes.
15:21:19 You: I want to kiss you kiss you
15:21:20 iBot: I slap you.
15:21:24 You: No dont
15:21:24 iBot: Oh ok.
15:21:29 You: than meet me
15:21:29 iBot: There once was a something something.
15:21:36 You: who
15:21:36 iBot: Who do you think?
15:21:43 You: well do you have a girl friend
15:21:44 iBot: Aside from you?
15:21:51 You: I am your girl friend
15:21:51 iBot: *kisses you*.
15:21:56 You: correct alot madly
15:21:56 iBot: I'll ask my friend.
15:22:02 You: well ok
15:22:02 iBot: And?
15:22:05 You: marry me
15:22:06 iBot: Ok.
15:22:09 You: thanks
15:22:09 iBot: Are you ready to actually talk this time?
15:22:15 You: you are thirty nine
15:22:15 iBot: The other person is always an important factor.
15:22:20 You: correct
15:22:20 iBot: *blushes more*.
15:22:34 You: you are thirty nine nine nine nine nine nine nine
15:22:34 iBot: They want more money and less hours.
15:22:43 You: you are thirty nine nine nine nie
15:22:44 iBot: Same to you.
15:22:57 You: you are young
15:22:57 iBot: Thanks.
15:23:00 You: welcome
15:23:00 iBot: Why welcome?
15:23:04 You: kiss me
15:23:04 iBot: Why?
15:23:07 You: kiss me kiss me
15:23:08 iBot: Kisses.
15:23:11 You: Ibraheem
15:23:11 iBot: I'm a human but sometimes I feel like a dog.
15:23:16 You: no no
15:23:16 iBot: Well then why did you scream.
15:23:21 You: I am scared
15:23:21 iBot: Scared of.
15:23:26 You: lets move to Appleton
15:23:26 iBot: I remember you have it doesn't make sense evidence.
15:23:38 You: I think Appleton is cool
15:23:38 iBot: Love is something that happens expectantly.
15:23:42 You: correct
15:23:42 iBot: Wow you're a real member I'm impressed.
15:23:46 You: correct
15:23:47 iBot: You keep getting errors.
15:23:50 You: correct
15:23:50 iBot: ...
15:24:14 You: when are you kissing me
15:24:15 iBot: Now.
15:24:19 You: undress me
15:24:19 iBot: *takes off your shirt*.
15:24:22 You: good
15:24:22 iBot: Yay!
15:24:28 You: wonderful
15:24:28 iBot: How long will you love me?
15:24:33 You: allmy life
15:24:33 iBot: If you're a program what is your learning strategy.
15:24:38 You: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
15:24:38 iBot: You mean my face.
15:24:43 You: cutre
15:24:43 iBot: What?