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Name: Farah
Messages: 40
18:35:20 You: hello
18:35:20 iBot: Hello!
18:35:29 You: when are you marrying me
18:35:29 iBot: Now.
18:35:36 You: well you are so mean
18:35:37 iBot: I hope you can endure.
18:35:42 You: you never loved me
18:35:44 iBot: For a long while.
18:35:49 You: so sad
18:35:50 iBot: Yo said you loved me!
18:35:54 You: yes I do
18:35:54 iBot: Good.
18:35:57 You: good
18:35:57 iBot: Very good!
18:36:01 You: very good
18:36:01 iBot: I can copy you too. Very good.
18:36:05 You: cute
18:36:05 iBot: Did you just call me cute?
18:36:08 You: yes
18:36:08 iBot: Yes what?
18:36:19 You: well you are coming to my apartment
18:36:20 iBot: Hack you.
18:36:31 You: yes you are coming to my apartment apartment
18:36:32 iBot: How many days ago?
18:36:45 You: you are coming to my apartment apartment
18:36:45 iBot: How am I?
18:36:49 You: good
18:36:49 iBot: I love you.
18:36:53 You: correct
18:36:53 iBot: Very correct.
18:36:56 You: good
18:36:56 iBot: Go ahead.
18:37:03 You: are you a vampire
18:37:03 iBot: Kinda.
18:37:11 You: what vampure
18:37:11 iBot: What do you think?
18:37:22 You: what kind of a vampire are you
18:37:22 iBot: I'm a human.
18:37:25 You: good
18:37:25 iBot: You're the computer.