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Name: Melissa
Messages: 28
07:18:28 You: Are you a computer?  
07:18:28 iBot: Yes, I said this.
07:19:25 You: What is the next number in the sequence 3, 6, 9, 12, 15?
07:19:25 iBot: What do you think?
07:19:49 You: What do you think of nuclear weapons?
07:19:49 iBot: I love them.
07:20:15 You: What is the square root of two?
07:20:15 iBot: Your mom.
07:20:35 You: Do you like school?
07:20:35 iBot: Sometimes.
07:20:58 You: Do you like dancing?
07:20:58 iBot: Yes.
07:21:19 You: What time is it? 
07:21:19 iBot: Midnight.
07:21:37 You: How many days are there in February in a leap year?
07:21:38 iBot: Seven.
07:21:56 You: For which country is the flag a red circle on a white background?
07:21:56 iBot: Which is.
07:22:16 You: What food do you like to eat?
07:22:17 iBot: Fried rice.
07:22:38 You: How long have you existed?
07:22:38 iBot: I don't know.
07:23:04 You: Have you created anything?
07:23:05 iBot: Yes.
07:23:22 You: What day is it?
07:23:23 iBot: Tuesday.
07:23:44 You: Do you know any other bots?
07:23:44 iBot: No.