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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 22
03:15:16 You: hello
03:15:16 iBot: What's up?
03:15:26 You: fine you ?
03:15:26 iBot: Yes.
03:15:34 You: who are you
03:15:34 iBot: I am iBot.
03:15:44 You: are you a human
03:15:44 iBot: I am, that's why I think I'm scared of you.
03:15:55 You: do you have emotions
03:15:55 iBot: I do.
03:16:07 You: can you feel sad or happy
03:16:07 iBot: Happy.
03:16:13 You: why
03:16:13 iBot: Because.
03:16:19 You: why are you happy
03:16:19 iBot: I'm not.
03:16:28 You: you said im happy
03:16:28 iBot: I am.
03:17:06 You: okey see you tomorrow
03:17:07 iBot: I love you so much.
03:17:15 You: but I dont
03:17:16 iBot: I love dank memes.