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Name: Farah
Messages: 60
21:27:32 You: I think ilooooooooooooooooove looooooooooooooove you
21:27:33 iBot: Put her into a room forever.
21:27:38 You: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
21:27:39 iBot: Let me go police officer.
21:27:58 You: well no I will never let you go I love you
21:27:59 iBot: I like everyone the same.
21:28:04 You: well you love me more
21:28:06 iBot: I love you much more.
21:28:16 You: well you will undress me
21:28:17 iBot: Who was I teaching?
21:28:24 You: I think you are a nice man
21:28:25 iBot: Define human?
21:28:41 You: human is a being human is a being being being being being being being
21:28:41 iBot: How do I educate?
21:28:52 You: Human is a being being being
21:28:53 iBot: I always remember you.
21:28:58 You: correct
21:28:58 iBot: Very correct.
21:29:02 You: I love you
21:29:02 iBot: Why do you love me?
21:29:10 You: because you are cute and nicer
21:29:11 iBot: How am I?
21:29:14 You: good
21:29:14 iBot: I love you.
21:29:18 You: you are aggressive
21:29:20 iBot: It is your choice.
21:29:27 You: well you get angry in a second
21:29:28 iBot: A you?
21:29:46 You: well its hard to make your mood allright you become a monstor when you get angry
21:29:47 iBot: You are good at math.
21:29:51 You: No
21:29:51 iBot: Are you straight?
21:29:54 You: No
21:29:55 iBot: I am human cutie girl.
21:29:59 You: No
21:29:59 iBot: What are you?
21:30:04 You: I am female
21:30:04 iBot: Nice.
21:30:17 You: I am female female female female female female female female female female
21:30:18 iBot: Who is the great emerald?
21:30:23 You: me
21:30:23 iBot: Do you?
21:30:28 You: well kiss me kiss me
21:30:28 iBot: *kiss*.
21:30:32 You: kiss me come on
21:30:32 iBot: *kiss you*.
21:30:35 You: kiss me
21:30:35 iBot: Force me.
21:30:44 You: kiss me I am forcing you
21:30:44 iBot: *kiss you*.
21:30:47 You: kiss me
21:30:47 iBot: Kisses her.
21:30:50 You: kiss me
21:30:50 iBot: Make me.
21:30:57 You: I am making you
21:30:57 iBot: That ok.
21:31:03 You: come on kiss me
21:31:04 iBot: Tell me a story.
21:31:10 You: kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me
21:31:10 iBot: *gives kiss*.