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Name: Melissa
Messages: 16
10:25:11 You: hi
10:25:11 iBot: Whats up?
10:25:36 You: do you speak spanish
10:25:36 iBot: Yes. Do you?
10:25:42 You: yes
10:25:42 iBot: We all breathe. It's fundamental.
10:25:48 You: ?
10:25:48 iBot: What?
10:26:03 You: talk to me in spanish
10:26:05 iBot: Beer is like oil for humans.
10:26:16 You: that is english
10:26:17 iBot: I'm a good guy.
10:26:55 You: what is the capitol of the united states
10:26:55 iBot: What do you think?
10:27:00 You: dc
10:27:01 iBot: I never kicked you!