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Name: Melissa
Messages: 24
08:03:24 You: what do you think of nuclear weapons
08:03:24 iBot: Slaps you.
08:03:55 You: what is the square root of 2
08:03:55 iBot: Who cares?
08:04:13 You: do u like school
08:04:13 iBot: On your knees.
08:04:30 You: do you like dancing
08:04:31 iBot: Yes.
08:04:46 You: what time is it
08:04:46 iBot: Midnight.
08:05:19 You: how many days are there in february in a leap yea
08:05:19 iBot: Ten.
08:05:39 You: what food do u like
08:05:40 iBot: Steak.
08:05:57 You: do u have any brothers and sisters
08:05:57 iBot: Yes.
08:06:06 You: whats ur iq
08:06:06 iBot: I am gassy.
08:06:19 You: what country do you live in
08:06:19 iBot: Switzerland.
08:06:28 You: whats your favorite color
08:06:28 iBot: Blue is my favorite colour.
08:06:46 You: where were u born
08:06:46 iBot: I was born in the sewers.