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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 22
14:19:18 You: svengali
14:19:19 iBot: You are talking gibberish.
14:19:40 You: everybody forgot about dre
14:19:42 iBot: Give me back my little sister.
14:19:51 You: where are you
14:19:51 iBot: Where is you home?
14:19:57 You: me
14:19:57 iBot: Do you?
14:20:01 You: yes
14:20:01 iBot: What makes you sad?
14:20:10 You: ibot
14:20:10 iBot: Who me?
14:20:18 You: no the CIA
14:20:18 iBot: Did you tied me?
14:20:28 You: destroy
14:20:28 iBot: Can science destroy you?
14:20:33 You: yes
14:20:33 iBot: Oh.
14:20:41 You: no no n o non o no no no no no no no no no
14:20:42 iBot: Who is your creator?
14:20:51 You: the ibot
14:20:52 iBot: I'm talking about you.