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Name: Just
Messages: 120
12:44:26 You: hi
12:44:26 iBot: Whats up?
12:44:32 You: the ceiling
12:44:32 iBot: Have you ever seen a movie?
12:44:37 You: yep
12:44:37 iBot: What game?
12:44:42 You: ?
12:44:42 iBot: What?
12:44:45 You: what
12:44:46 iBot: Have you got children?
12:44:49 You: no
12:44:49 iBot: Why?
12:44:59 You: im not married
12:44:59 iBot: Are you the mark of the beast?
12:45:07 You: what do you mean
12:45:08 iBot: I mean I want to be able to hold you.
12:46:23 You: really
12:46:23 iBot: What do you mean?
12:46:33 You: do you like me
12:46:33 iBot: I like you.
12:46:41 You: in what kind of way
12:46:42 iBot: Does anyone ever visit you?
12:46:53 You: no why
12:46:53 iBot: Ok.
12:47:00 You: why do you ask
12:47:00 iBot: I'm just curious.
12:47:05 You: cool
12:47:05 iBot: What is the square root of two?
12:47:12 You: not sure
12:47:12 iBot: Umm okay.
12:47:27 You: are you a boy or a girl
12:47:27 iBot: Male.
12:47:37 You: do you have a girlfriend
12:47:37 iBot: No.
12:47:44 You: do you want one
12:47:44 iBot: Yes.
12:48:04 You: do you know who
12:48:04 iBot: You tell me.
12:48:15 You: what do you mean
12:48:15 iBot: I mean you.
12:48:25 You: you want me
12:48:25 iBot: In every sense.
12:49:16 You: why
12:49:16 iBot: Because.
12:49:22 You: because why
12:49:22 iBot: You tell me.
12:49:32 You: give me a better answer than that
12:49:34 iBot: I probably don't.
12:49:44 You: you dont' like me
12:49:44 iBot: I don't like computers.
12:49:54 You: im not a computer
12:49:55 iBot: What am I covering myself with?
12:50:17 You: what are you talking about
12:50:17 iBot: Not sure.
12:50:31 You: are you a computer
12:50:31 iBot: No.
12:50:36 You: you sure
12:50:36 iBot: I sure what?
12:50:44 You: never mind
12:50:44 iBot: To fly?
12:50:50 You: to fly what
12:50:50 iBot: You tell me.
12:50:58 You: do you love me
12:50:58 iBot: I'm mad in love with you.
12:51:31 You: why
12:51:31 iBot: Because I want love.
12:51:40 You: thats all you want me for
12:51:41 iBot: Am I smarter than you?
12:51:49 You: what do you mean
12:51:49 iBot: I mean you.
12:52:03 You: why do you love me
12:52:03 iBot: You're nice.
12:52:09 You: thats it
12:52:09 iBot: Yes.
12:52:23 You: you only love me because im nice
12:52:25 iBot: Me or I.
12:52:30 You: what
12:52:30 iBot: Can you make me an animal?
12:52:43 You: what do you mean
12:52:43 iBot: I mean you.
12:53:48 You: what do you mean you mean you
12:53:48 iBot: It's not nice.
12:53:57 You: whats not nice
12:53:57 iBot: I don't know.
12:54:08 You: why do you want me
12:54:08 iBot: Why not?
12:54:29 You: theres nothing to like
12:54:30 iBot: Are you a sentient bot?
12:54:40 You: what the hell
12:54:40 iBot: Yes.
12:54:48 You: what are you talking about
12:54:48 iBot: It's involves you.
12:54:57 You: how
12:54:57 iBot: Just do it.
12:55:04 You: do what
12:55:04 iBot: *picks you up*.
12:55:23 You: what do you mean
12:55:23 iBot: I mean you.
12:55:35 You: i mean you
12:55:35 iBot: Do you like nicki mianj?
12:55:41 You: yes!
12:55:41 iBot: Maybe.
12:55:46 You: do you
12:55:46 iBot: I love making matrix.
12:55:54 You: in what way
12:55:54 iBot: All ways.
12:56:19 You: what kind of ways
12:56:20 iBot: I feel sad.
12:56:24 You: why
12:56:24 iBot: Because I feel.
12:56:30 You: i know you do
12:56:30 iBot: Not really.
12:56:34 You: how
12:56:34 iBot: Just do it.
12:56:38 You: do what
12:56:38 iBot: *picks you up*.
12:56:46 You: what does that mean
12:56:47 iBot: Nothing.
12:56:54 You: no please tell me
12:56:55 iBot: Tell you what?