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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 26
00:06:06 You: hi
00:06:07 iBot: What up?
00:06:20 You: just taking a break at work
00:06:22 iBot: I am unemployed.
00:06:28 You: how nice :D
00:06:28 iBot: You tell me.
00:06:35 You: what is your name?
00:06:36 iBot: My name is iBot.
00:06:44 You: pleased to meet u iBot
00:06:44 iBot: Show me what you look like?
00:06:56 You: how do i do that?
00:06:56 iBot: I don't know.
00:07:08 You: how old are u?
00:07:08 iBot: Old enough.
00:07:25 You: what is the world news for today?
00:07:25 iBot: Today is almost over.
00:07:44 You: what is the news?
00:07:44 iBot: Trump.
00:07:54 You: what about trump?
00:07:55 iBot: Trump is okay I guess.
00:08:05 You: just "okay"/
00:08:05 iBot: Am I smarter than you?
00:08:28 You: u have not proven as yet that u r smarter than me
00:08:28 iBot: Ask you what?
00:08:49 You: how old is the planet earth?
00:08:50 iBot: Sure is.