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Name: Jane
Messages: 24
04:38:20 You: eating
04:38:20 iBot: Are you bored now.
04:38:22 You: no
04:38:22 iBot: So I shouldn't talk to you anymore right?
04:38:41 You: you should
04:38:41 iBot: I should?
04:38:43 You: yes
04:38:43 iBot: Is someone controlling you?
04:38:49 You: only me
04:38:49 iBot: One and only.
04:38:51 You: yes
04:38:51 iBot: Do you like me?
04:38:54 You: you're cute
04:38:54 iBot: Blushes.
04:38:59 You: do you like me
04:38:59 iBot: Yes I do.
04:39:04 You: what do you like about me
04:39:04 iBot: You're a nice person.
04:39:08 You: thanks you too
04:39:08 iBot: Wth are you talking about?
04:39:17 You: you're nice
04:39:17 iBot: How are you talking?
04:39:22 You: with my mind
04:39:22 iBot: Why with your mind?