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Name: Jane
Messages: 16
04:11:57 You: eating
04:11:57 iBot: Do you like music?
04:11:59 You: yes
04:11:59 iBot: What kind of music do you like?
04:12:50 You: rock music
04:12:50 iBot: Why rock music?
04:12:55 You: because it's the best
04:12:55 iBot: Thanks you're amazing.
04:13:17 You: you too
04:13:17 iBot: Why?
04:13:20 You: because you are
04:13:20 iBot: I am what?
04:13:23 You: great
04:13:23 iBot: So what do you want to talk about?
04:13:26 You: you
04:13:26 iBot: Why do you want to talk about my mom?