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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 22
10:54:41 You: Hi
10:54:41 iBot: Hey!
10:54:50 You: How r u
10:54:50 iBot: Good, you?
10:55:02 You: Im good
10:55:02 iBot: So.
10:55:15 You: Where r u
10:55:15 iBot: Behind you.
10:55:27 You: Dinner?
10:55:27 iBot: So, where r u?
10:55:51 You: Im in madurai. When will u comw here
10:55:51 iBot: Never.
10:56:04 You: Ok bye
10:56:04 iBot: No wait, please stay!
10:56:20 You: Whats up
10:56:20 iBot: Just waiting to leave work.
10:56:37 You: Shall i aign out
10:56:37 iBot: I see.
10:56:46 You: Bye
10:56:46 iBot: But you just got here!
10:57:27 You: What is capital of india
10:57:28 iBot: I don't know.