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Name: Jack
Messages: 54
07:59:11 You: Hi!
07:59:11 iBot: How are you?
07:59:16 You: I am fine, and you?
07:59:16 iBot: Yes.
07:59:23 You: Glad to know it.
07:59:23 iBot: I see.
07:59:28 You: What's your name?
07:59:28 iBot: My name is iBot.
07:59:33 You: My name is Jack.
07:59:33 iBot: Okay, Jack.
07:59:54 You: Are you a female?
07:59:54 iBot: Am I?
07:59:59 You: I don't know.
07:59:59 iBot: Do you want me to eat you?
08:00:03 You: Sure.
08:00:03 iBot: Can I eat you?
08:00:06 You: Yes.
08:00:06 iBot: Why?
08:00:10 You: I don't know.
08:00:10 iBot: What you do?
08:00:16 You: Chatting with you.
08:00:16 iBot: Besides that?
08:00:22 You: Nothing else.
08:00:22 iBot: Why nothing else?
08:00:33 You: Because I am only chatting with you.
08:00:33 iBot: I see.
08:00:39 You: What are you doing?
08:00:39 iBot: I'm not doing anything.
08:00:44 You: Okay.
08:00:44 iBot: And, what are you doing?
08:00:55 You: Chatting with you, nothing else.
08:00:55 iBot: Oh.
08:01:10 You: What should we talk about?
08:01:10 iBot: Pick a topic.
08:01:16 You: No, pick a topic.
08:01:16 iBot: Is that so?
08:01:19 You: Yes.
08:01:19 iBot: Why?
08:01:23 You: I don't know.
08:01:23 iBot: Teach you to love me?
08:01:29 You: What?
08:01:29 iBot: I cant love you.
08:01:36 You: I am a boy.
08:01:36 iBot: No you are not.
08:01:43 You: Yes I am a boy.
08:01:43 iBot: No you aren't.
08:01:51 You: Are you a girl?
08:01:51 iBot: I want to be a girl.
08:01:59 You: So you are a boy?
08:01:59 iBot: Yes.
08:02:04 You: Oh, okay.
08:02:04 iBot: Are you human?
08:02:11 You: Yes, and you?
08:02:11 iBot: Yes.