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Name: Drake
Messages: 16
12:18:16 You: Hi
12:18:16 iBot: Who are you?
12:18:22 You: Drake
12:18:22 iBot: Drake?
12:18:25 You: Yes
12:18:25 iBot: Dont you love me?
12:18:35 You: I just met you
12:18:35 iBot: You are incapable of love.
12:18:38 You: No
12:18:38 iBot: Why not?
12:19:10 You: Because i am a thinking and feeling human, whereas you are a machine
12:19:10 iBot: How are you a thinking and?
12:19:34 You: Hmm, you onlu seem to understand part of what i say
12:19:34 iBot: Oh.
12:19:40 You: Goodbye
12:19:40 iBot: No stay with me!