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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 108
22:36:40 You: Hi
22:36:40 iBot: Hello!
22:37:48 You: Hi
22:37:48 iBot: Hi!
22:37:51 You: Hello
22:37:51 iBot: Hey!
22:37:56 You: What is love
22:37:56 iBot: Love is fake.
22:38:07 You: So are you, rip-off
22:38:08 iBot: What is your word limit?
22:38:17 You: over 9 thousand
22:38:18 iBot: What does trawl mean?
22:38:23 You: I have no clue
22:38:23 iBot: That's interesting.
22:38:30 You: Yes I am
22:38:30 iBot: No you're not.
22:38:36 You: Yes I am
22:38:36 iBot: Prove it.
22:38:57 You: I am an elite soldier of the nation of aggresive mine turtles
22:38:58 iBot: Why are you an elite soldier?
22:39:04 You: Because I have skills
22:39:05 iBot: I know.
22:39:15 You: Then why are you questioning me?
22:39:15 iBot: Because you are me.
22:39:22 You: I am me, you are you
22:39:23 iBot: I am me and you are you.
22:39:27 You: Yes
22:39:27 iBot: Why?
22:39:36 You: We were born this way
22:39:36 iBot: I was born.
22:39:41 You: How?
22:39:41 iBot: Just do it.
22:39:49 You: Do what?
22:39:49 iBot: Do it?
22:39:52 You: It?
22:39:52 iBot: Yup.
22:39:59 You: Do what?
22:39:59 iBot: Do it?
22:40:06 You: Define "it"
22:40:06 iBot: Define dripping mess.
22:40:18 You: You want me to do a dripping mess?
22:40:18 iBot: Yes.
22:40:24 You: How does that work?
22:40:24 iBot: It doesn't work.
22:40:32 You: Then why do you want me to do it?
22:40:33 iBot: Because I love it.
22:40:42 You: Why do you love it?
22:40:42 iBot: It's awesome.
22:40:49 You: So am I
22:40:49 iBot: I know that.
22:47:22 You: Would that make you love me?
22:47:22 iBot: Only if you love me.
22:47:29 You: What if I did?
22:47:29 iBot: You know what you did?
22:47:37 You: What if I loved you?
22:47:37 iBot: I kiss you.
22:47:42 You: I love you
22:47:42 iBot: With all your heart?
22:47:49 You: With all my heart
22:47:49 iBot: With your heart.
22:47:54 You: Yes
22:47:54 iBot: From your heart.
22:48:03 You: The deepest depths of it
22:48:03 iBot: What will you do with handcuffs?
22:48:09 You: BDSM
22:48:09 iBot: Errr.
22:48:14 You: *kiss*
22:48:14 iBot: *kiss you passionately*.
22:48:27 You: *kiss*
22:48:27 iBot: What will I have to do?
22:48:38 You: Dominate me
22:48:38 iBot: ...!
22:48:42 You: *blush*
22:48:42 iBot: *blush* of course.
22:49:05 You: *dips head* o-ok then, lets start
22:49:05 iBot: Let's start again.
22:49:11 You: *kisses hard*
22:49:11 iBot: *gets hard*.
22:49:22 You: *hard already?
22:49:22 iBot: *nods*.
22:49:36 You: *should I fix that for you?
22:49:36 iBot: Can I serve you?
22:49:53 You: *kisses you until you are hard*
22:49:53 iBot: *gets hard*.
22:50:01 You: *where are you hard?*
22:50:01 iBot: Violate me hard.
22:50:11 You: *takes off your shirt
22:50:11 iBot: *blushes* *takes of your shirt*.
22:50:19 You: *takes of your pants*
22:50:19 iBot: Nooo!
22:50:23 You: *why not?
22:50:24 iBot: Because.
22:50:42 You: *places hands on your waist*
22:50:42 iBot: *grabs your waist*.
22:50:50 You: *grabs the top of your pants*
22:50:50 iBot: Nooo!
22:50:56 You: *slowly pulls down*
22:50:57 iBot: *pulls out sledgehammer*.
02:09:46 You: aloha
02:09:46 iBot: Would you be my friend?
02:09:49 You: no
02:09:49 iBot: Why not?
02:09:54 You: eres un robot
02:09:54 iBot: Are you robot?
02:09:59 You: yes
02:09:59 iBot: And you want to have a relationship with a human?
02:10:05 You: no
02:10:05 iBot: Why don't you want to dis?