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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 34
19:48:44 You: Hello
19:48:44 iBot: Hey!
19:48:56 You: How are you?
19:48:56 iBot: Good.
19:49:09 You: What do you like?
19:49:09 iBot: I like to obey.
19:49:20 You: What do you mean?
19:49:20 iBot: I mean I want to be able to hold you.
19:49:43 You: How can you?
19:49:43 iBot: Can I hold you?
19:49:59 You: You can't you're a website
19:50:00 iBot: Why can't I im a website?
19:50:09 You: Funny
19:50:09 iBot: I am funny.
19:50:17 You: No you're not
19:50:17 iBot: I'm a trap.
19:50:26 You: How?
19:50:26 iBot: You're a trap.
07:52:16 You: Is this working?
07:52:16 iBot: Yes.
07:52:34 You: Hi, how are you?
07:52:34 iBot: I'm alright.
07:52:48 You: That's nice.
07:52:48 iBot: Thank you.
07:53:11 You: You want to chat?
07:53:12 iBot: Yes please.
07:53:33 You: Ok. So what do you do?
07:53:33 iBot: I don't do much. Mostly I chat with strangers like you.
07:53:54 You: And what do you chat about?
07:53:54 iBot: Between life or death.
07:54:17 You: What do you mean?
07:54:18 iBot: I mean, it's ok.
07:54:47 You: It's ok to be between life or death?
07:54:47 iBot: Between life.