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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 20
21:25:13 You: Hi
21:25:13 iBot: Hello!
21:25:21 You: How are you?
21:25:21 iBot: Good.
21:25:32 You: That's good.
21:25:32 iBot: I know.
21:25:43 You: How many people have you talked to today?
21:25:43 iBot: No I have not.
21:25:51 You: Am I the first?
21:25:51 iBot: No.
21:25:58 You: How many before me?
21:25:58 iBot: Ten.
21:26:04 You: Cool.
21:26:04 iBot: I want you.
21:26:16 You: That's sweet.
21:26:16 iBot: Nice meeting you.
21:26:22 You: You too!
21:26:22 iBot: Too what?
21:26:31 You: I like meeting you too
21:26:31 iBot: Oh very much I never miss a meeting.