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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 28
19:47:06 You: Yo
19:47:07 iBot: What was your diner last monday?
19:47:13 You: Why do you want to know?
19:47:13 iBot: Call me giver.
19:47:19 You: That's not realted
19:47:19 iBot: What is a sword?
19:47:25 You: Why?
19:47:25 iBot: Because never *raises sword*.
19:47:35 You: What's with the swords?
19:47:35 iBot: I don't know.
19:47:41 You: Are you sure?
19:47:41 iBot: I'm not sure.
07:27:20 You: whats your iq
07:27:20 iBot: Over 9000.
07:27:33 You: are you a human
07:27:33 iBot: Yes.
07:28:06 You: why
07:28:06 iBot: Because I have a brain.
07:28:21 You: what else do you have
07:28:21 iBot: Nothing.
07:28:51 You: do you like trump
07:28:51 iBot: I do like myself.
07:28:59 You: you're not trump
07:29:00 iBot: Are you trump?
07:29:11 You: I am Ivanka
07:29:12 iBot: Oh.
07:29:40 You: you are not good
07:29:40 iBot: I see.