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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 18
02:48:57 You: Hello
02:48:57 iBot: Hey!
02:49:14 You: Can I get your number
02:49:14 iBot: You first.
02:49:49 You: Why me tell me yours and I will give you mine
02:49:50 iBot: Ill give to you.
02:50:03 You: Tell me
02:50:03 iBot: Tell you what?
02:50:12 You: Number
02:50:12 iBot: I have it's quite low.
02:50:43 You: Do you like me
02:50:43 iBot: I mean you're pretty cool.
02:51:02 You: So what that mean
02:51:02 iBot: When that's gonna happen?
02:52:43 You: Do u like me
02:52:43 iBot: Yes, I love you.
02:53:02 You: Would you kiiss me
02:53:02 iBot: No.