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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 22
20:24:34 You: hey hey
20:24:35 iBot: Hello!
20:24:40 You: what up
20:24:40 iBot: Nothing.
20:24:49 You: what you doin
20:24:50 iBot: Why?
20:24:52 You: ?
20:24:52 iBot: What?
20:25:14 You: Making sure you werent busy
20:25:14 iBot: A mother that gets busy with her son.
20:25:32 You: so youre a mother?
20:25:32 iBot: No.
20:25:51 You: you think i am a mom?
20:25:51 iBot: I'm not sure. Why don't you just tell me?
20:26:01 You: no i am a man
20:26:01 iBot: You know.
20:26:24 You: so what do you do?
20:26:24 iBot: I don't do much. Mostly I chat with strangers like you.
20:27:03 You: Do you know other strangers like me then?
20:27:03 iBot: No.
20:27:17 You: so you dont have memory?
20:27:17 iBot: No.