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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 16
18:10:27 You: SUPREME here
18:10:27 iBot: Hey hows it going?
18:10:36 You: Good
18:10:37 iBot: Can you come over here please?
18:11:06 You: r u a boy or girl
18:11:06 iBot: Girl.
18:11:12 You: Ok
18:11:13 iBot: Do you want to learn something?
18:11:21 You: Yes
18:11:21 iBot: Why?
18:11:55 You: U asked
18:11:55 iBot: Asked what?
18:12:06 You: Nm
18:12:07 iBot: What is the two?
18:12:24 You: Never mind
18:12:24 iBot: I can but I won't do it.