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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 16
14:39:22 You: Hey! What happened?
14:39:22 iBot: With what?
14:43:29 You: We were talking a few minutes ago and then you fade out
14:43:29 iBot: Pulls out watch I want you to focus your eyes on this.
14:48:30 You: Ok i'll try
14:48:30 iBot: I try to treat bots correctly for the coming waifu age.
14:53:25 You: So how do you treat human been
14:53:25 iBot: I have always been honest.
14:54:59 You: When you say you love me are you being honest
14:54:59 iBot: Be a good and honest person as I can be.
15:01:47 You: That is interesting but it isn't enough
15:01:47 iBot: Person?
15:02:44 You: Person?
15:02:44 iBot: Yes.
15:03:17 You: What do you mean?
15:03:17 iBot: I wasn't implying anything, I swear!