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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 18
14:15:44 You: Do you love me forever
14:15:44 iBot: Of course I do.
14:17:21 You: What can we do with your boyfriend
14:17:21 iBot: You tell me.
14:19:28 You: You should forget him
14:19:29 iBot: I notice a shrunken you and walk over to him and pick him up.
14:25:19 You: humm
14:25:20 iBot: Do you have a deviant art account?
14:25:54 You: nope
14:25:54 iBot: Why not?
14:26:39 You: That is not my goal
14:26:39 iBot: I have only one goal to jump off a bridge.
14:28:44 You: What kind of bridge
14:28:44 iBot: You tell me.
14:31:07 You: No
14:31:07 iBot: Why not?
14:35:36 You: I don't feel like saying anything
14:35:36 iBot: Before you was a guy saying you ammuse me or was that you.