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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 24
13:59:34 You: You should learn to speak
13:59:34 iBot: You speak another langua.
14:01:06 You: How many languages do you speak
14:01:06 iBot: Two.
14:01:55 You: Which are they
14:01:55 iBot: Are.
14:02:41 You: son que?
14:02:41 iBot: No.
14:03:14 You: No que?
14:03:14 iBot: No.
14:04:13 You: Tambien eres caprichosa?
14:04:14 iBot: No.
14:04:46 You: So what are you?
14:04:46 iBot: Human.
14:05:28 You: I don't believe you
14:05:28 iBot: Why not?
14:06:25 You: You don't have a human name
14:06:25 iBot: Your name is slave.
14:08:38 You: Yes, but i want to be free
14:08:38 iBot: No money free you love me.
14:10:55 You: May be you love me too
14:10:55 iBot: I do I love you.
14:13:14 You: When did you fall in love
14:13:14 iBot: Sometimes ago.