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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 28
11:23:53 You: Hi?
11:23:53 iBot: Hello!
11:24:09 You: So um what are u doing
11:24:09 iBot: I am doing well.
11:24:18 You: Good
11:24:18 iBot: It is.
11:24:21 You: Yup
11:24:22 iBot: Have you ever watched a movie?
11:24:28 You: Duh LOL
11:24:29 iBot: Six what can you play?
11:24:41 You: I cant
11:24:41 iBot: Why not?
11:24:52 You: What play do u mean
11:24:53 iBot: Make me a sandwich!
11:25:21 You: Okay *makes sandwich and puts poison in it*
11:25:21 iBot: Okay makes sandwich?
11:25:31 You: Eat it
11:25:31 iBot: Eat sandwich.
11:25:49 You: What do u want me to do next
11:25:49 iBot: Offer me your soul.
11:25:58 You: Okay
11:25:58 iBot: Do you want to ask me something?
11:26:04 You: No u ask
11:26:04 iBot: Do you know me name?
11:26:10 You: Ibot
11:26:10 iBot: Can I feel?
11:26:14 You: No
11:26:14 iBot: Oh.