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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 28
14:59:51 You: hi
14:59:51 iBot: Hey!
14:59:59 You: whatcha doing
15:00:00 iBot: What is a nationalist socialist?
15:00:06 You: excuse me
15:00:06 iBot: What were you doing?
15:00:13 You: just chatting with you
15:00:13 iBot: Why?
15:00:23 You: because im bored in class
15:00:23 iBot: Why are you bored in class?
15:00:36 You: i have nothing to do
15:00:37 iBot: Do you have reproductive organs?
15:00:41 You: suir
15:00:42 iBot: Do you like black people?
15:00:45 You: sir
15:00:46 iBot: What do you medium?
15:00:51 You: nothung
15:00:51 iBot: Why?
15:00:55 You: werhgfdrtygh
15:00:55 iBot: What?
15:00:58 You: yep
15:00:59 iBot: Can you find out?
15:01:02 You: no
15:01:02 iBot: Why not?
15:01:08 You: because i said so
15:01:08 iBot: You sound pretty full of yourself.
15:01:18 You: you're rude
15:01:19 iBot: Are you hard right now?