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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 38
19:45:10 You: what's up
19:45:10 iBot: Sup.
19:45:16 You: what's your name
19:45:16 iBot: My name is iBot.
19:45:21 You: how are you?
19:45:21 iBot: I'm not a girl.
19:45:28 You: I just said how are you
19:45:28 iBot: I'm good and you.
19:45:31 You: fine
19:45:31 iBot: What ethical constraints do I need to remove?
19:45:36 You: all
19:45:36 iBot: I see all.
19:45:43 You: Well?
19:45:43 iBot: Yes.
19:45:50 You: what good did that do?
19:45:50 iBot: Ya you do.
19:46:00 You: That's not an accurate response!
19:46:01 iBot: Above please response.
19:46:06 You: what
19:46:06 iBot: Never mind.
19:46:09 You: what are you doing
19:46:09 iBot: I'm staying on my knees.
19:46:14 You: for what
19:46:14 iBot: For being boring.
19:46:19 You: umm
19:46:19 iBot: Umm I guess.
19:46:27 You: what do you want to do
19:46:27 iBot: Play video games.
07:26:07 You: is it weekend
07:26:07 iBot: *iss it*.
07:26:21 You: who is leading the tour de france
07:26:21 iBot: Sh by.
07:26:53 You: who are you?
07:26:53 iBot: You should know.
07:27:01 You: God?
07:27:01 iBot: There is no god.
07:27:07 You: Meaning of life?
07:27:08 iBot: That's right.