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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 18
05:53:46 You: Hi, want are services will Ibot provide
05:53:47 iBot: You literally just met me.
05:54:12 You: Yes
05:54:13 iBot: Are you even real?
05:54:21 You: Yes
05:54:21 iBot: Why?
05:54:51 You: I want to some help in marketing for my company
05:54:51 iBot: What kind of help?
05:55:04 You: Online advertising
05:55:05 iBot: Why online advertising?
05:55:19 You: U can do it or not
05:55:19 iBot: I can do advertising.
05:55:39 You: Then give me details of how to approach u
05:55:40 iBot: What do you think of dinosaurs?
05:56:04 You: I think u are an idoit
05:56:04 iBot: Why?
05:56:51 You: Bwz u are an fish
05:56:52 iBot: What are you doing mommy?