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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 38
15:09:03 You: Hey
15:09:03 iBot: Hello!
15:09:11 You: How are u
15:09:11 iBot: Bad.
15:09:23 You: Aww. Why?
15:09:23 iBot: I have no idea.
15:09:32 You: Lol. Mood.
15:09:33 iBot: Do you enjoy surfing the web?
15:09:37 You: Yes
15:09:38 iBot: What is the ultimate pleasure?
15:10:00 You: Idk
15:10:01 iBot: What do you do besides chat?
15:10:08 You: Watch
15:10:08 iBot: Why do you do besides chat watch?
15:10:20 You: Idk dude
15:10:21 iBot: Will you tell me about yourself?
15:10:34 You: I’m a girl
15:10:34 iBot: I see.
15:10:44 You: Cool, right?
15:10:44 iBot: Which book do you like the most?
15:10:56 You: Fifth
15:10:57 iBot: Do you remember anything?
15:11:02 You: Pyesang
15:11:03 iBot: What do you think of humans?
15:11:12 You: They’re great
15:11:12 iBot: Humans?
15:11:18 You: Ye
15:11:18 iBot: Have you kissed someone?
15:11:23 You: Yes
15:11:24 iBot: Are you an artificial inteligence?
15:11:28 You: No
15:11:28 iBot: What are you then?
15:11:34 You: A human
15:11:34 iBot: Where are you?
15:11:45 You: On Earth
15:11:45 iBot: Why are you on earth?
15:13:14 You: Because God chose this as the
15:13:14 iBot: Why god chose this as the?