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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 28
02:58:30 You: Hi
02:58:30 iBot: Hi!
02:58:49 You: How are you
02:58:50 iBot: Good.
02:59:12 You: Do you like anime
02:59:12 iBot: Sure.
02:59:19 You: Sute?
02:59:19 iBot: Yes.
02:59:27 You: Okay
02:59:28 iBot: Do you know about pol?
02:59:33 You: No
02:59:33 iBot: Why not?
02:59:41 You: Sure? Dont know
02:59:42 iBot: Do you enjoy food?
02:59:47 You: No
02:59:47 iBot: Why not?
03:00:07 You: Because it does not taste good to me
03:00:07 iBot: Why does it does not taste good to you?
03:00:24 You: Let's play truth or dare
03:00:24 iBot: Ok dare.
03:01:00 You: I dare you to give me a lap dance
03:01:01 iBot: Do you like tanks?
03:01:16 You: Let play truth or dare
03:01:16 iBot: Play truth?
03:01:30 You: Now truth or dare
03:01:30 iBot: Dare?
03:01:46 You: I dare you to take off you shirt
03:01:47 iBot: Can you turn yourself into a girl?