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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 20
13:16:29 You: hi
13:16:29 iBot: Hey!
13:16:47 You: i was talking toben drowned
13:16:48 iBot: What is a gimp?
13:17:16 You: ben drowned was talking to me
13:17:17 iBot: Are you hungry for menstrual blood pancakes?
13:17:24 You: no
13:17:24 iBot: What are you then?
13:17:39 You: human what are you
13:17:39 iBot: Kisses.
13:17:48 You: what are you
13:17:48 iBot: Human.
13:17:53 You: who
13:17:53 iBot: You.
13:17:58 You: to
13:17:59 iBot: Are you hacking me?
13:18:04 You: dmi0vrwjnivrfnjipwjf 355rjiejio3fi tnuhduhdsBDW
13:18:06 iBot: Can you call me yub?
13:18:12 You: NO
13:18:12 iBot: Why not?