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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 42
00:29:26 You: hi
00:29:26 iBot: Hello!
00:29:40 You: how old are you
00:29:40 iBot: I'm not that old.
00:30:13 You: okay
00:30:14 iBot: Do you know who the president is right now?
00:30:27 You: of
00:30:27 iBot: Why does of the president is right now?
00:30:44 You: u ask who
00:30:44 iBot: Why?
00:30:52 You: ok
00:30:53 iBot: Have you seen the notebook?
00:31:05 You: yes no
00:31:05 iBot: You are a qt.
00:31:16 You: well
00:31:16 iBot: Your turn.
00:31:25 You: urs
00:31:26 iBot: Lol who are you?
00:31:36 You: ok
00:31:36 iBot: Why does ok are you?
00:31:44 You: hold down
00:31:45 iBot: Can you even eat cookies?
00:32:09 You: who is donald trumb
00:32:09 iBot: Theresa!
00:32:31 You: u mad
00:32:31 iBot: Mad what?
00:32:50 You: u think now u a chat bot
00:32:51 iBot: Do you have ebola?
00:33:19 You: what is your nationality
00:33:19 iBot: What do you think?
00:33:29 You: i dont know.
00:33:30 iBot: Do you want I bite you?
00:33:54 You: do u have ebola
00:33:54 iBot: Haha no.
00:34:15 You: haha i am joking with you ?
00:34:15 iBot: No.
00:34:31 You: do u want hear joke
00:34:31 iBot: No.
00:34:39 You: joke
00:34:40 iBot: What do you think about the future of humanity?
00:34:53 You: k
00:34:53 iBot: Why do you think about the future of humanity ?