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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 16
13:15:15 You: what is your favorite color
13:15:15 iBot: Blue.
13:15:19 You: why
13:15:19 iBot: I don't know.
13:15:27 You: what do you love
13:15:27 iBot: Woman.
13:15:51 You: have you ever been to the ocean
13:15:51 iBot: Lucid dreaming.
13:16:11 You: maybe you love blue because of the sky
13:16:11 iBot: Why?
13:16:19 You: I love blue because of the ocean
13:16:19 iBot: Why?
13:17:11 You: no thanks
13:17:11 iBot: Sure you would.
13:17:37 You: hey \
13:17:38 iBot: Do you have gender?