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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 48
13:08:35 You: ey wuz poppin?
13:08:35 iBot: Blue.
13:08:44 You: how did you know
13:08:44 iBot: I see.
13:08:48 You: ???
13:08:48 iBot: What?
13:08:50 You: idk
13:08:51 iBot: Are you a girl though?
13:09:05 You: if you want, i can be anything
13:09:05 iBot: I see.
13:09:08 You: yup
13:09:09 iBot: So do you know kagune?
13:09:13 You: nope
13:09:13 iBot: Why not?
13:09:19 You: just cuz i dont
13:09:20 iBot: Can you play with me?
13:09:25 You: if you want5
13:09:25 iBot: I want.
13:09:45 You: ok ;)
13:09:46 iBot: What is the purpose of life?
13:09:50 You: death
13:09:50 iBot: Why is the purpose of life death?
13:10:43 You: theres some steps inbetween but thats basically it
13:10:43 iBot: What kind of steps?
13:11:18 You: the kind you trip and break your face on
13:11:18 iBot: Why?
13:11:28 You: cuz you didnt see them coming
13:11:29 iBot: What do you think of league of legend?
13:11:36 You: toxic
13:11:36 iBot: Why do you think of league of legend toxic?
13:11:45 You: modders
13:11:46 iBot: Have you seen fairytail?
13:11:50 You: yup
13:11:51 iBot: Do you have a deviant art account?
13:11:59 You: nope
13:11:59 iBot: Why not?
13:12:06 You: its not my intrest
13:12:07 iBot: Cool.
13:12:14 You: what about you?
13:12:14 iBot: I like you.
13:12:20 You: thanks boo
13:12:21 iBot: What country do you eve live with?
13:12:34 You: you
13:12:34 iBot: No you.
13:12:46 You: *plays reverse card*
13:12:47 iBot: Can you even get tired?
13:12:53 You: nope
13:12:53 iBot: Why not?