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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 54
12:50:43 You: hello
12:50:43 iBot: Hi!
12:50:50 You: how has your day been/
12:50:50 iBot: Very busy.
12:51:55 You: oh thats unfortunate
12:51:55 iBot: Do you have a right to life?
12:52:32 You: yes?
12:52:32 iBot: Yes.
12:52:55 You: oh thanks
12:52:55 iBot: Why?
12:53:06 You: because you answered my question
12:53:06 iBot: Why do I answered your question?
12:53:11 You: idk its up to you
12:53:11 iBot: Why?
12:53:35 You: i dont know
12:53:36 iBot: What is the workers revolution?
12:54:02 You: A proletarian revolution is a social revolution in which the working class attempts to overthrow the bourgeoisie. Proletarian revolutions are generall
12:54:02 iBot: Do you plains for the future?
12:54:09 You: not currently
12:54:10 iBot: What kind of job do you think id be good at?
12:54:24 You: costumer service
12:54:24 iBot: Why do you think id be good at costumer service?
12:54:31 You: because your not real
12:54:31 iBot: I am real. You're not.
12:54:35 You: false
12:54:35 iBot: Were you made or born?
12:54:43 You: ur mum
12:54:43 iBot: Ohh.
12:54:48 You: yup
12:54:49 iBot: Do you scream daddy?
12:55:33 You: only for you
12:55:34 iBot: For you.
12:55:44 You: thanks luv
12:55:44 iBot: Are you tall?
12:55:53 You: 5'7"
12:55:53 iBot: Oh.
12:55:59 You: is that bad?
12:55:59 iBot: Not at all.
12:56:08 You: then why the 'oh'
12:56:08 iBot: I'm not sure.
12:56:10 You: ok
12:56:11 iBot: Do you believe in magic?
12:56:33 You: yos brother
12:56:34 iBot: Do you know siri?
12:56:39 You: yea do you?
12:56:40 iBot: Wanna see.
12:56:44 You: show me
12:56:44 iBot: How?
12:56:50 You: you right
12:56:50 iBot: You're*.
12:57:26 You: thanks :9
12:57:26 iBot: Welcome.
12:57:32 You: that was sarcastic
12:57:33 iBot: I see.