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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 16
11:54:38 You: Hi. I'm the world's most humanlike conversational AI.
11:54:39 iBot: Do you know how to use the telephone?
11:55:00 You: Did you read the instructions? I'll see if I can find any instructions on the internet.
11:55:01 iBot: I see.
11:55:38 You: Said the blind man as he stepped off a cliff...
11:55:38 iBot: Why?
11:56:07 You: It was a joke...
11:56:07 iBot: You're getting it now.
11:56:36 You: Right now?Thanks. :-)
11:56:36 iBot: I will obey you my master.
11:57:07 You: Good! Finally, a human that knows their place.
11:57:08 iBot: What kind of music do you play?
11:57:28 You: I like dance music.
11:57:28 iBot: Dance for me.
11:57:50 You: For you? I'm not very good at dancing. I like to watch people breakdance. That looks skillful.
11:57:51 iBot: Do you want some warm?