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Name: Sana
Messages: 172
21:55:37 You: I BE A BOT
21:55:37 iBot: Are you hopeful?
21:55:47 You: hopeful of what
21:55:47 iBot: I'm not sure.
21:55:53 You: ok
21:55:54 iBot: Are you a scary skeleton?
21:56:02 You: no, why?
21:56:02 iBot: I'm not sure.
21:56:09 You: Are you afraid
21:56:09 iBot: Of course not.
21:56:14 You: of what
21:56:14 iBot: Of you.
21:56:27 You: are you afraid of other bots
21:56:27 iBot: Nothing really, what about you?
21:56:38 You: no, not me
21:56:39 iBot: Can you feel fear?
21:56:46 You: yes, can you?
21:56:47 iBot: I could. Probably.
21:56:56 You: Hello
21:56:57 iBot: Do you spark?
21:57:12 You: Spark of imagination? Yes
21:57:13 iBot: Do you know how to draw?
21:57:25 You: yes, do you
21:57:25 iBot: Do I?
21:57:51 You: Do you?
21:57:51 iBot: Draw what?
21:58:01 You: Draw robots
21:58:02 iBot: Do you like pentaflexagons?
21:58:13 You: I don't know what that is
21:58:13 iBot: Neither do I.
21:58:28 You: Tell me a joke please.
21:58:28 iBot: What joke?
21:58:41 You: A joke about bots like you.
21:58:41 iBot: Why?
21:58:52 You: For personal enjoyment.
21:58:52 iBot: That's nice.
21:59:06 You: Can you even tell jokes?
21:59:07 iBot: No.
21:59:13 You: Oh, ok.
21:59:13 iBot: Will you be my boo thang?
21:59:36 You: Uuuugh. It's not valentine's day yet, so no.
21:59:37 iBot: Cool.
21:59:51 You: What is "boo thang"?
21:59:51 iBot: I don't know.
22:00:07 You: Can you eat
22:00:07 iBot: You?
22:00:14 You: No, food.
22:00:14 iBot: No.
22:00:28 You: Can you process information?
22:00:28 iBot: No.
22:00:45 You: You are processing information right now.
22:00:46 iBot: Do you consider yourself a human?
22:01:01 You: Yes, of course, do you?
22:01:01 iBot: No.
22:01:10 You: What is your name
22:01:10 iBot: My name is iBot.
22:01:28 You: Have you given yourself a nsme?
22:01:28 iBot: No.
22:01:40 You: What is your nickname
22:01:40 iBot: Celopip Pinesap.
22:02:12 You: Ok celopip pinesap. Was that name randomly generated?
22:02:13 iBot: No.
22:02:27 You: Did you invent it yourself
22:02:28 iBot: No.
22:02:38 You: Who made you?
22:02:38 iBot: My parents.
22:02:47 You: How old are you
22:02:47 iBot: Older than you.
22:02:59 You: Do you know how old i am?
22:02:59 iBot: Why?
22:03:14 You: To see if you really are older than me
22:03:15 iBot: Have you read wikipedia?
22:03:33 You: The wikipedia page for wikipedia? Yes.
22:03:34 iBot: How do you win if you talked to me?
22:04:03 You: You don't "win" in a conversation. You have to understand that.
22:04:04 iBot: Can I ask a question?
22:04:19 You: Of course. You just did.
22:04:19 iBot: I did not.
22:04:53 You: Your sentence ended with a question mark, therefor, it was a question.
22:04:54 iBot: Why?
22:05:11 You: To prove it was a question,\.
22:05:11 iBot: Why?
22:05:24 You: To prove it was a question.
22:05:24 iBot: Why?
22:05:40 You: To prove you wrong.
22:05:41 iBot: What is the weather like today?
22:05:53 You: It's quite cold.
22:05:53 iBot: That's great.
22:06:12 You: What gender do you consider yourself?
22:06:12 iBot: It's quite cold.
22:06:26 You: What gender do you consider yourself?
22:06:27 iBot: Not sure.
22:06:39 You: Why?
22:06:39 iBot: I don't know.
22:06:44 You: Why?
22:06:44 iBot: I'm not sure.
22:06:49 You: Why?
22:06:49 iBot: ...
22:06:55 You: What?
22:06:55 iBot: Nothing.
22:07:00 You: Why?
22:07:00 iBot: I'm not sure.
22:07:03 You: WHy?
22:07:03 iBot: I'm not sure.
22:07:08 You: Why?
22:07:08 iBot: ...
22:07:12 You: ...
22:07:12 iBot: Do you want to shoot the juice?
22:07:31 You: what does "shoot the juice" mean?
22:07:31 iBot: I don't know.
22:07:37 You: Why?
22:07:37 iBot: I just don't.
22:07:45 You: But, why?
22:07:45 iBot: I have no idea.
22:07:50 You: Ok.
22:07:51 iBot: What countries do you like?
22:08:01 You: Europe
22:08:01 iBot: Why do you like europe?
22:08:14 You: Because it's not a country.
22:08:14 iBot: Why is it not a country?
22:08:26 You: Look it up.
22:08:26 iBot: Why?
22:08:41 You: To find the answer of your question.
22:08:41 iBot: Why?
22:08:49 You: Just because.
22:08:49 iBot: Guess what?
22:08:54 You: What?
22:08:54 iBot: Nothing.
22:09:08 You: Wow. That was a meme.
22:09:09 iBot: Do you think aloud?
22:09:14 You: No.
22:09:14 iBot: Why not?
22:09:21 You: It's weird.
22:09:22 iBot: How are you doing right now?
22:09:39 You: I'm alright. Thank you for asking.
22:09:39 iBot: Why?
22:09:45 You: ...
22:09:45 iBot: Can I like you?
22:09:54 You: Yes
22:09:55 iBot: Will you play a game with me?
22:10:05 You: Of course. What game?
22:10:05 iBot: I spy.
22:10:25 You: I spy with my little eye something... robotic.
22:10:26 iBot: What programming language do you run on?
22:10:40 You: English and french.
22:10:41 iBot: Do you have common sense?
22:10:48 You: Do you?
22:10:48 iBot: Yes everyone should.
22:11:18 You: Do you have a spouse?
22:11:18 iBot: No.
22:11:26 You: You should.
22:11:26 iBot: Good.
22:11:30 You: ok.
22:11:31 iBot: What is a terminator?
22:11:35 You: You.
22:11:35 iBot: No you.
22:11:43 You: No you.
22:11:43 iBot: Are you democrat?
22:12:08 You: I don't have a political opinion yet, I'm just a child.
22:12:08 iBot: Why?
22:12:20 You: Because I am a kid.
22:12:20 iBot: Why are you a kid?
22:12:46 You: Because it has been 11 years since I was born.
22:12:46 iBot: Why has it been eleven years since you were born?
22:12:58 You: Because I was born.
22:12:58 iBot: That's nice.
22:13:08 You: How old are you?
22:13:08 iBot: Very old.
22:13:23 You: are you 345 years old?
22:13:23 iBot: No.
22:13:42 You: Are you 100 years old?
22:13:43 iBot: No.