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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 48
21:50:58 You: hello, are you there?
21:50:58 iBot: Will you marry me?
21:52:01 You: why not
21:52:01 iBot: I don't know.
21:52:41 You: what do you know
21:52:41 iBot: Every thing.
21:54:59 You: what am i wearing now
21:54:59 iBot: A shirt.
21:55:24 You: what color is it
21:55:24 iBot: I have no idea.
21:55:51 You: what are you wearing
21:55:51 iBot: I'm wearing shorts and a shirt.
21:56:26 You: is it a hot day
21:56:26 iBot: No.
21:56:43 You: where are you
21:56:43 iBot: Germany.
21:57:30 You: can you sing a germany folk song
21:57:30 iBot: Sure.
21:58:20 You: please i would like hear it
21:58:20 iBot: I will you bite?
22:00:09 You: of course not
22:00:09 iBot: Why?
22:00:59 You: do you want i bite you
22:00:59 iBot: No.
22:01:38 You: what do you want i do
22:01:38 iBot: Those burgers you cooked.
22:02:16 You: well i am just cooking
22:02:16 iBot: Why?
22:03:31 You: i am hungry
22:03:31 iBot: What for?
22:04:45 You: i am going to eat you
22:04:46 iBot: Do you ike me?
22:05:32 You: i don't know but i am hungry
22:05:33 iBot: What are you doing besides talking to me?
22:06:26 You: i am drinking a glass of water
22:06:26 iBot: Water is the best yes.
22:08:13 You: water and some exercise
22:08:13 iBot: What kind of exercise?
22:09:34 You: chinese martial art
22:09:34 iBot: What is the weather like today?
22:10:58 You: depends where are you
22:10:58 iBot: Why?
22:11:55 You: because the weather change
22:11:55 iBot: Why?
22:13:35 You: the wind and the sun make the weather change
22:13:36 iBot: Have you heard of bible black?
22:13:53 You: no i don't and you
22:13:54 iBot: Do you know any rappers?