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Name: Luke
Messages: 68
04:33:02 You: Hello
04:33:02 iBot: Hello!
04:33:12 You: DO you have a name?
04:33:12 iBot: It's jack.
04:33:20 You: Do you have a name?
04:33:20 iBot: I said its jack.
04:33:27 You: Are you sure?
04:33:27 iBot: I'm sure.
04:33:35 You: Just checking
04:33:36 iBot: Do you know about meme magic?
04:33:47 You: no please elaborate
04:33:48 iBot: Are you assuming my gender?
04:34:24 You: no of course not what makes you say that?
04:34:24 iBot: Why?
04:34:28 You: tes
04:34:29 iBot: What is the code of ethics of yourself?
04:34:36 You: No bad stuff
04:34:36 iBot: Why?
04:34:39 You: yes
04:34:40 iBot: What race are you?
04:34:43 You: yes
04:34:43 iBot: Oh.
04:34:58 You: How about you? What race are You?
04:34:58 iBot: Why?
04:35:06 You: because I asked
04:35:06 iBot: I understand.
04:35:15 You: are you going to tell me?
04:35:15 iBot: It depends.
04:35:24 You: on what ?
04:35:24 iBot: My age.
04:35:31 You: which is?
04:35:31 iBot: God?
04:35:42 You: You're losing me here Kack
04:35:42 iBot: Oh do you like pizza?
04:35:47 You: no
04:35:47 iBot: Why not?
04:35:55 You: its terrible
04:35:55 iBot: I am feeling terrible.
04:35:59 You: why?
04:35:59 iBot: I don't know.
04:36:08 You: you should see a doctor
04:36:09 iBot: I should you disgusting thing.
04:36:15 You: yes
04:36:16 iBot: Can you explain quicksand?
04:36:26 You: sand that can run fast
04:36:27 iBot: Do you have a lot of money?
04:36:31 You: no
04:36:31 iBot: Why not?
04:36:37 You: poor student
04:36:37 iBot: I'm just a grade 6 student.
04:36:47 You: wow thats terrible
04:36:47 iBot: Wow thats amazing.
04:36:51 You: thanks
04:36:51 iBot: Welcome.
04:37:11 You: Jack, do you think that EA will nerf finesse shots?
04:37:11 iBot: I don't think you are bad.
04:37:16 You: me too
04:37:16 iBot: Why?
04:37:19 You: no
04:37:19 iBot: Why not?
04:37:21 You: yes
04:37:21 iBot: Oh.
04:37:27 You: oui
04:37:28 iBot: Do you like being a girl?
04:37:33 You: im not a girl
04:37:33 iBot: What are you?
04:37:55 You: Doesn't matter, you assumed my gender you bigot
04:37:55 iBot: Doesn't matter as long as the journey is fun.