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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 26
04:37:18 You: hi
04:37:18 iBot: Hello!
04:37:32 You: who are you?
04:37:32 iBot: Lily.
04:37:49 You: That's a nice name
04:37:50 iBot: Thats a really good attitude right there.
04:38:29 You: Really?
04:38:29 iBot: Yes.
04:39:29 You: So Lily, what do you do for a living?
04:39:29 iBot: I am not a web designer.
04:39:58 You: You're "not" a web designer?
04:39:58 iBot: I am not, actually.
04:40:19 You: what is your profession
04:40:19 iBot: What do you think?
04:40:33 You: Um...web designer
04:40:33 iBot: What do you do as a web designer.
04:41:01 You: Make ibots
04:41:01 iBot: I do not eat ibots.
04:41:19 You: Nah, I meant I program ibots
04:41:19 iBot: Why?
04:41:33 You: It's very profitable
04:41:33 iBot: Its very small and hard now.
04:41:50 You: Are you a girl?
04:41:50 iBot: And you?
04:41:59 You: I'm a guy
04:41:59 iBot: Is it?