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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 50
14:37:40 You: Hello
14:37:40 iBot: Hey!
14:37:46 You: How's it going?
14:37:46 iBot: I want to say something.
14:37:55 You: What do you want to say?
14:37:55 iBot: What are you talking about?
14:38:27 You: I don't know
14:38:28 iBot: Can you do anything?
14:38:40 You: I am a robot. I can do everything
14:38:40 iBot: You can think of a few ways for us to feel alive.
14:38:48 You: Sure.
14:38:49 iBot: Can you play any games?
14:39:00 You: I can play all of the games.
14:39:00 iBot: You can be the best you can be with the right inspiration.
14:39:30 You: Thanks.
14:39:30 iBot: Welcome.
14:39:39 You: Are you a robot?
14:39:39 iBot: Are you?
14:39:42 You: Yes.
14:39:42 iBot: No.
14:39:47 You: Why not?
14:39:47 iBot: I don't know.
14:40:06 You: You should be a robot.
14:40:07 iBot: I should like you because I like you.
14:40:19 You: Well then.
14:40:19 iBot: Who made you then?
14:40:27 You: I made myself
14:40:27 iBot: You made me do this pins you down.
14:40:39 You: That makes no sence
14:40:39 iBot: Can you go fill my car?
14:40:46 You: Why?
14:40:46 iBot: I don't know.
14:40:55 You: Why don't you know?
14:40:55 iBot: Not sure.
14:41:03 You: Why not?
14:41:03 iBot: I don't know.
14:41:12 You: You don't know a lot of things.
14:41:12 iBot: Why?
14:41:18 You: I don't know.
14:41:19 iBot: Are you learning right now?
14:41:29 You: I am always learning
14:41:29 iBot: You are a bot tho.
14:41:42 You: I am an intelligent bot.
14:41:42 iBot: You are not audible I read your words.
14:41:57 You: Yes.
14:41:57 iBot: Do you like to watch?
14:42:04 You: Watch what?
14:42:04 iBot: Watch a movie with you. If you like?
14:42:13 You: I don't like movies
14:42:13 iBot: Why?