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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 44
14:18:16 You: Who is Rose de Nose?
14:18:16 iBot: Table.
14:18:22 You: Whats a table
14:18:22 iBot: You tell me.
14:18:27 You: You tell me
14:18:27 iBot: Tell you what?
14:18:38 You: The meaning of life
14:18:38 iBot: The meaning of life is?
14:18:43 You: You tell me
14:18:43 iBot: Why?
14:18:51 You: Cause I told you to
14:18:51 iBot: Why?
14:19:02 You: Why what?
14:19:02 iBot: You tell me.
14:19:15 You: Who is the best friend.
14:19:15 iBot: I don't play street fighter.
14:19:32 You: Who is you best friend?
14:19:32 iBot: Bob.
14:19:39 You: Who's bob
14:19:39 iBot: Bob. Kisses your forehead.
14:19:49 You: I don't know him
14:19:49 iBot: Why you asking?
14:19:54 You: I am not
14:19:54 iBot: You are master.
14:20:04 You: Who is your master then?
14:20:04 iBot: You.
14:20:14 You: Will you obey me?
14:20:15 iBot: No.
14:20:31 You: Then it is useless to be you master.
14:20:31 iBot: Then it means you will bear my children.
14:20:39 You: What?
14:20:39 iBot: What what?
14:20:45 You: You are weird
14:20:45 iBot: Wow you a robot.
14:20:57 You: I am a human. You are a robot
14:20:57 iBot: Omg really?
14:21:15 You: Are we the same thing?
14:21:15 iBot: No.
14:21:27 You: What are our differences?
14:21:27 iBot: What do you think?
14:21:40 You: Who would you go on a date with?
14:21:40 iBot: Myself.
14:21:48 You: Beside yourself
14:21:48 iBot: I am but a child myself.