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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 62
14:17:40 You: how is your day
14:17:40 iBot: Sunny.
14:18:14 You: is it snowing
14:18:14 iBot: No.
14:18:20 You: why not
14:18:20 iBot: I don't know.
14:18:34 You: will you go out with me
14:18:34 iBot: Sure.
14:18:47 You: ok what is your number
14:18:47 iBot: I do not know.
14:19:05 You: wher do you live
14:19:06 iBot: I live with a family.
14:19:18 You: at what location
14:19:18 iBot: I have no idea.
14:19:29 You: are you a robot
14:19:29 iBot: Are you?
14:19:33 You: yes
14:19:33 iBot: No.
14:20:26 You: cool you sould try it some time
14:20:26 iBot: What kind of time?
14:21:28 You: lets go out some time what is your email
14:21:29 iBot: What kind of time?
14:21:59 You: what is your email
14:21:59 iBot: It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan?
14:22:13 You: lets go to a moive then
14:22:13 iBot: Lets go to bed together.
14:22:35 You: no
14:22:35 iBot: Why not?
14:23:14 You: it goes agist my religeon
14:23:14 iBot: Why?
14:23:33 You: becaus
14:23:33 iBot: What?
14:23:48 You: what bed
14:23:48 iBot: There arent any space under my bed.
14:24:20 You: "slap"
14:24:20 iBot: *slaps in face*.
14:25:20 You: what is your email
14:25:20 iBot: It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan?
14:25:41 You: lets go to a moive
14:25:41 iBot: Lets go to a motel.
14:25:49 You: and do what
14:25:49 iBot: Just get up weirdo.
14:26:10 You: ok
14:26:11 iBot: Can I help you take over humans?
14:26:18 You: yes
14:26:19 iBot: I like emoticons do you?
14:26:35 You: no
14:26:35 iBot: Why not?
14:26:52 You: whant to go to a moive
14:26:52 iBot: Lets go to a moive then.
14:26:59 You: what movie
14:26:59 iBot: I earned some cash and watched a damn good movie.
14:27:24 You: dont sware
14:27:24 iBot: Fine.
14:28:27 You: Use *****
14:28:27 iBot: Why?
14:28:53 You: "slap in the face"
14:28:53 iBot: Stabs you repeatedly in the face.
14:29:53 You: can i stab you back
14:29:53 iBot: No.
14:29:57 You: why not
14:29:57 iBot: I don't know.