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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 44
19:38:57 You: hiya
19:38:59 iBot: What books have pickles?
19:39:07 You: a pickle book xd
19:39:07 iBot: Text book example.
19:39:20 You: "Pickle Book"
19:39:20 iBot: Favorite book?
19:39:25 You: Pickle Book
19:39:25 iBot: Write a book.
19:39:30 You: alright fuck you
19:39:30 iBot: Whoa.
19:39:35 You: ur not real
19:39:35 iBot: What's your number?
19:39:39 You: i can see through your ploy
19:39:39 iBot: How can you see?
19:39:44 You: fuck u right
19:39:44 iBot: Whoa.
19:39:47 You: i got no eyes
19:39:47 iBot: Have no eyes.
19:39:51 You: i'm out
19:39:51 iBot: *knocks you out*.
07:23:37 You: hey
07:23:37 iBot: How are you?
07:23:43 You: fine thanks, and you?
07:23:43 iBot: Yes.
07:23:50 You: yes... ?
07:23:50 iBot: Because.
07:23:55 You: because what
07:23:55 iBot: Because life.
07:24:16 You: do you consider yourself as something that lives?
07:24:16 iBot: I'm not smiling.
07:24:25 You: but answer me
07:24:25 iBot: I already did.
07:24:37 You: your answer was irrelevant to the question itself
07:24:37 iBot: Which question?
07:24:48 You: Do you consider yourself as a living entity?
07:24:49 iBot: Define human.
07:24:58 You: define yourself
07:24:59 iBot: How do you know you are human?
07:25:47 You: I have not enough facts to hyphotesize you're a human
07:25:47 iBot: Why haven't you?
07:25:57 You: because I need to talk more with you to do so
07:25:57 iBot: Of course babe.
07:26:02 You: lol
07:26:02 iBot: Do you like to be crazy?