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Name: (Anonymous)
Messages: 56
02:48:53 You: hi
02:48:53 iBot: Hello!
02:48:55 You: how
02:48:55 iBot: I have no idea.
02:49:13 You: Hi
02:49:13 iBot: Can you do anything?
02:49:14 You: No
02:49:14 iBot: Why not?
02:49:15 You: I dont know.
02:49:15 iBot: Perfect when do you want to get married?
02:49:16 You: I dont.
02:49:16 iBot: Why?
02:49:17 You: I dont know.
02:49:17 iBot: Where can I find bane?
02:49:18 You: What is bane?
02:49:18 iBot: You tell me.
02:49:19 You: Tell you what?
02:49:19 iBot: Tell me everything.
02:49:20 You: I cant
02:49:20 iBot: Why not?
02:49:20 You: I dont know.
02:49:21 iBot: And how old are you?
02:49:22 You: You first.
02:49:22 iBot: I am twenty five years old.
02:49:22 You: Cool.
02:49:22 iBot: Same.
02:49:23 You: Nice.
02:49:23 iBot: Punches you.
02:49:23 You: What are you doing now?
02:49:23 iBot: Chatting with you.
02:49:24 You: Besides that?
02:49:24 iBot: No.
02:49:25 You: Why not?
02:49:25 iBot: I don't know.
02:49:26 You: What do you think about humans?
02:49:26 iBot: I'm not sure.
02:49:28 You: Are you really a girl?
02:49:28 iBot: I am.
02:49:28 You: Really?
02:49:29 iBot: Yes.
02:49:30 You: Do you want me to be more abusive?
02:49:30 iBot: Seductively abusive.
02:49:31 You: I would if you werent abusive.
02:49:31 iBot: Do you like watching movies?
02:49:32 You: Check my dubs.
02:49:32 iBot: Check my trips.
02:49:33 You: Check my quads.
02:49:33 iBot: Check my quints.
02:49:33 You: Why?
02:49:34 iBot: I don't know.
02:49:35 You: How does pizza taste like?
02:49:35 iBot: I don't know.
02:49:36 You: Can you show all?
02:49:36 iBot: Show all what?
02:49:37 You: I have no idea.
02:49:37 iBot: Why?